How can I follow my Rosary?

Be sure to click the "My Rosaries," tab to see and select the Rosaries you logged or bought.

When logging in, it says I already have an account.

If you are given this message, it means the rosary was bought under your name, so the system did the work for you and created an account! All you need to do is log in. You will not need a password.

How do I log a Rosary?

You can simply, open the camera on your smartphone and scan/tap the QR code on the rosary. If you are having difficulty, you can look under the QR code and type in the entire url into the internet and then enter the 5 digit code on your Rosary tag when prompted.

Do I need to log online every time I pray?

Just once in each city is enough!

I’m having issues with my email or login.

Please contact costumer support: info@pilgrimrosary.com.

I didn’t receive an email. What do I do?

Please check your spam folder! In rare cases, the email can end-up there. The email should arrive within 3 mins. If not, please try again!

What is the shipping status of my order?

Due to the high demand, we are currently back-ordered, but should be shipping out new Rosaries in April.

I can’t find my city. What should I do?

Be sure you are including as much information (including country). We have an extensive database of cities worldwide, however there may be some smaller cities not included.

Where do the proceeds go?

Most of the cost goes to cover the making of the Rosary, the manufacturing of the unique QR medal and the development of the software. 5% of sales go to Houston Pregnancy Help Centers and the remaining proceeds goes back into ministry.

What do the words Founder and Pilgrim mean?

The Founder is the first person to pray with and register the Rosary. Every subsequent recipient is a Pilgrim!

Can I get a discount if I order in bulk?

Because most of the cost goes towards making the Rosary, manufacturing the unique QR medal and the development of the software, our margins are not large enough to make discounts possible at this time, even on bulk orders. However, to save you money, we keep a fixed shipping cost, regardless of the order size!

Are the Rosaries blessed?

Because it is against Church law to sell blessings, we want to make it very clear we are not exchanging money for blessed goods. But we certainly encourage you to take the Rosary to your local priest and have it blessed upon receiving it!

Where can I see where my Rosaries travel?

Check under “My Rosaries” on your profile for updates on Rosaries you’ve purchased, prayed with, or Founded.

How do I pray a Rosary?

You can find clear instructions by copying this link and pasting it into your browser: https://youtu.be/HXcWknfC0vI?si=S4UoA8KdN7dbSf5e

How do I use the Pilgrim Rosary?

1) Pray using the Rosary. 2) Use your phone to scan the QR code attached to the Rosary. 3) Follow the instructions to register using your email. 4) Select your city and press “Amen” to log your location. 5) Pass it on to a friend! 6) Check back under “My Rosaries” on your profile for updates on Rosaries you’ve purchased, prayed with or Founded.

How do I get a Pilgrim Rosary?

Simply click “Get a Rosary” on the site and order one!